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12.25.09: Merry Christmas! Or Happy Chanukah or Solstice or whatever you celebrate. I'm a Buddhist, but I still love Christmas. Any time you can celebrate the birthday of a spectacularly cool guy with presents and baked goods, I'm all for it. Add to it that the days are getting longer, and it's just wonderful In the perfect world, you wouldn't have to want anything for Christmas. But we live in an imperfect world, alas. So whatever you wanted, I hope you got. Angie and I are buying a big house here in the Cities and thus, not exchanging gifts. However, I got the promise of all the space I need for a darkroom. I have a free darkroom sink all lined up, an enlarger in my closet, and a rotary processor for the wetside. It probably won't all be up and running till spring, but it'll be great to be able to just go downstairs and make prints. Then again, it could be dangerous (to my wallet) since I really love to make prints. In exchange, I had to promise to make meatloaf more often. I think I win on this deal.

11.20.09: Angie and I took a couple weeks off and went to NYC. We hit 6 museums, 22 galleries and soaked up more art than I could wrap my head around. And still, we only scratched the surface. The highlights were getting to hold a Brassai print in my (white gloved) hands, seeing Blue Irises up close, and seeing the prints from Robert Franks' The Americans. Also, if you get to see the Tokyo exhibit at the Leica Gallery, please do. It is spectacular. I'm looking very forward to going back. Next time, it'll be nothing but photography. And maybe a stop for a good cigar at Nat Sherman. And a few more pints of that wee heavy Scotch Ale at that bar in SoHo right near the Bleeker St train stop.

08.25.09: Oops. Looks like I zorched the galleries by mistake. Got them fixed and moved over from the flash page.

08.09.09: Holy buckets. Is it August already? Let's see. What's happened lately? Mostly just life. Those minutiae that sneak up on you. One thing I did was decided that I always seem to get my best shots out of the Bronica 6x7. And even if it's a little unweildy and very visible, I've made it my walking around camera. I have a shoot in Kansas City coming up soon, and it should be a really fun one. I need to do some digital tests on a similar subject to make sure I have my ducks in a row for the live shoot, which will be on film. So. That means I'll be in KC before or during Labor Day. Ping me for biscuts and gravy, BBQ or just hanging out on the deck at Buzzard's Beach for some cheap beers. One other fun thing is that I have models and costumes lined up for The Big Honkin Project. That should also be fun.

05.23.09: I gave away nearly a mile of 35mm film today. It was very, very liberating. Amongst the breadcrumbs cast into the sea were all of my PanF+ bulk film (gives me a reason to get a fresh bulk roll), all of my rolled bulk PanF+ (the guy to whom I gave the film needed the cartridges and I am blessed with an abundance of them), all my bulk Delta 100 (I dont like t-grain films for portraits), the 1.92837 metric assloads of 200 speed E-6 offbrand (I'm pretty engh on color these days, besides I have a bulk roll of Portra 160 NC) and an old bulk roller full of 35mm motion picture film that the local lab won't cross-process because it gums up their chemistry. I do realize, upon reflection, why I found it so liberating to give away (or get away from) all that film. All that film was 35mm, and really I'm just not that thrilled with 35mm given the gear I have. I am blessed with an embarrassing array of gear with which to work and I gravitate toward the Hasselblad (for its perfect storm of sharp glass, failsafe mechanicalness and small size) or Bronica (for its 6x7cm negs, snap-focus fresnel and hyper-accurate shutter). I've reduced my 35mm usage to a Nikon F5 when I want portability and "have to get the shot"-ness, a Yashica GSN for carrying around and in the meantime my Spotmatic, Kiev 4a and Minolta 35RC are gathering dust. In the real world, what I need to do is trade all my current 35mm gear and the Bronica in towards a Leica 4-mp, or sell it on Craigslist and buy a Hexar AF. But that won't happen any time soon, I'm guessing. But by giving away that much 35mm film, I'm that further liberated from having to worry about any of this, aren't I?

05.19.09: After a couple days thought, I've decided that Art-A-Whirl has become as timid and commercial as Fringe Festival did a couple years ago. It's all about being as safe as possible, not offending anyone and selling as many landscapes done in oil pastels as possible to old white people who live in the suburbs. I don't get it. Tom Waits and Ramon Muxter both did time here. Alec Soth and Shen Wei are both from here. Has MCAD really sucked all the life out of art in Minneapolis? Is it all about swilling PBR and riding a fixie and selling 5x7 prints for $20? There were so few artists of any medium working in figures that it was really surprising to see them when they were in front of me. And what was with all of the completely uncompelling scenery photographs printed on horrible inkjet and called "giclee?" Do people not realize that "giclee" is the idiom in French that most resembles the English word "spooge?" I truly do not get it. I did however make some new amigos and may have found a mentor. One who works in film and figures and has the same eye for light as I do. So maybe it won't have been a total loss.

05.15.09: It's Art-A-Whirl here in Minneapolis. I saw one exhibit that blew me away, a few that caught my eye and a whole bunch that made me wonder who their target market was. More than anything, I realized that the work I do just isn't like the work they do. So far, I've purchased two pieces.

04.04.09: Ok, this isn't the best software for a site that wants to be updated a lot. But bear with me. In the meantime, go check out -- a new photoblog and more of a "shot a day" kind of thing. Also, no more weddings. Ever. No mas. Neither being in them nor shooting them.

06.09.08: The second shoot of my series went really well. It was kind of odd having a makeup artist (a friend from online) and an assistant (my wife) to help out. It let me put less effort into being a pack mule and more into being an artist. That was kind of fun. Also, I got a Contax G1 and brought it back two days later. Just not the camera for me. I'm off to shoot my last wedding of the year this weekend. It'll be good to have it out of the way.

05.13.08: Yeah. I bought a Hasselblad. Actually, my wife bought it for me. She is not only an awesome model, but an awesome wife. I finally got the wedding photos delivered and I'm prepping for the next wedding coming up in June. After that last wedding, I'm going to trade my Nikon and Spotmatic gear in and get a Leica M6 and a 50mm Summicron. I think. Possibly. Maybe. Or maybe try a Contax G2. We'll see.

04.14.08: I recently got a new lens and prism for one of my cameras. So I'll be shooting with that one a lot. Also, it is finally spring here in the Twin Cities. Course, they already have tulips up back home. Also, I have a serious case of Hasselblad lust right now. However, since it's finals week, I won't be updating any camera gear or even really doing the shots for the wedding until after the research paper and finals are done. I might however just happen to get that roll of Fuji 160C to the lab...

02.28.08: Hey guys. I've decided to work on portraits this year, so expect to see plenty of those being updated and added over the next few months. I'm also very excited about some leaps and bounds I've made in darkroom printing, so don't be surprised to see that the majority of work I do this year is in black & white. Which has nothing to do with the 500 sheets of photo paper sitting in my closet. Really. *cough*

So bear with me, since it should be a fun year. Although the funness of the year is greatly tempered by Claire moving to Denver in April. We'll all miss her dearly. I for one can never repay her for the help she's given me with my work. She's been patient and sweet when I had no idea what I was doing and commented about which cameras I should keep and which ones I should get rid of. Based entirely on the sounds they make. For example, she loved the Spotmatic and Kiev 4a and couldn't stand the Bronica GS-1 or Canonet. Can't say I disagree with her much there. I look very forward to seeing her at GeoStock and getting lots of shots of her and the baby.

In ephemeral news, I've decided to sell off my Spotmatic II and lenses. It was a tough call, but I'm getting older and my eyesight isn't getting any better. Once I get a brightscreen in my Rollei, life will be complete. Until I get Hasselblad lust again. Or even worse -- Leica lust. Then woe is me.


12.25.09: Finally got Rapidweaver upgraded so I should be able to update this more often.

05.xx.09: Ok, it's a blue bitch managing photos in this software. For the very newest stuff, check out The Sketchpad. Also check out Phlogiston, my theoretically daily photoblog.

04.04.09: Tried to add some photos. This is not the greatest gallery page generating software in the world. I will, however, conquer it.

05.13.08: Added some photos to the portfolio in the portrait, b/w and color sections. I also updated the bio/cv and gear pages a bit.

04.14.07 Changed the main image. Updated some stuff in the portfolio. Shot a wedding last weekend.

02.28.08: Added a page for this year's portrait project.

02.25.08: I had a shot published on File Magazine! Holy cow. I'm truly flattered.

11.04.07: Updated color photos. Work and shooting has kept me busy!

06.29.07: Photos updated, both B/W and Color.

06.01.07: is up and running at long last. Work on figure studies and The Big Secret Project is moving forward, too!

05.15.07: Finally moved the hosting. Many more changes to come.

12.21.06: Finally made the move from Blogger. More changes to come.